Grand Prix

Grand Prix

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This is our most popular events, offering superb entertainment

Imagine racing your colleagues around our 700m tracks, sitting just 2'' off the ground!

AP-01-helmetUpon arrival, drivers are given a full safety briefing, including tips on kart control and racing lines. Each driver will then take part in practice laps, to get them prepared. Then the fun starts....

Drivers take part in 5 qualifying heats each. After each heat - you'll be able to see your fastest lap times and points gained according to your finishing position, using our state of the art timing display. After completion of the heats, the top 15 highest point scorers will take part in semi-finals. Then the final top 6 points scorers can warm up their tyres for the final - a thrilling sprint, with spectators being urged to cheer on their favourite driver!

On screen readouts and computer printouts of race times are available. Then to round off your event, the awarding of trophies and champagne on the podium - an ideal time for photos to pass around your workplace the following day! Drivers must be aged 16 or over.