Time Attack Go Karting in Chester!

Time Attack Go Karting in Chester!

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If you're looking for great kart tracks in the UK, Apex Kart gives you the Ultimate Adrenaline Rush! Our North wales centre combines two tracks in one place. Our facility is the only full time Indoor/Outdoor track in the entire UK and one of the longest centres in Europe! Our sleek, modern facility has been designed to deliver the best racing experience imaginable.

Arrive & Drive Racing

This is the most popular way to race and is available 7 days a week. PLEASE NOTE all arrive and drive sessions need to be booked in advance, due to competitions and other pre booked racing taking place. When you arrive you will first need to complete a short registration form. Once you are registered, a Apex Kart team member will assist in fitting you for your racing suit. All drivers will then have to watch our short safety DVD before racing on our circuit. PLEASE NOTE all drivers have to watch the safety DVD on each visit, but this can be skipped if you BECOME A MEMBER OF APEX KART, where you receive many benefits and no more DVD. You can check our calendar of events before visiting in order to check for any possible track restrictions, special events or closures. Apex Kart centre is open 7 days a week from 10am until late (open at 9am during the weekend).

Management has the right to refuse admission with no reason being given.


Safety is our top priority for all drivers and our crew. To maintain these high safety standards, the following kart racing driver requirements have been developed: All ADULT kart drivers must be 14+. Upon arrival, the first step is to fill out a liability waiver. Racers under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign their waiver. All drivers must be at least 125cm tall and ready to race with closed toe shoes. We do not offer two seat karts for adults or juniors. All racers must then watch a short kart racing safety video, which will educate the racers about the karts, track, and other racing guidelines. Each guest will receive safety equipment including an EU approved full face helmet. Kart Racing Safety: Once the race begins the track marshals are in charge. The track marshals will control the race’s pace and passing on the track using race flags. Track marshals have the final determination as to whether or not a racer may continue after being black flagged. NO BUMPING. For the safety of all racers on track, any racer that is driving inappropriately by hitting the barriers or other karts will be immediately removed from the track. Flags at Apex Kart: Green: Start! Yellow: Caution (the first and last lap are full course caution laps, there is no passing during a yellow lap) Blue: Passing – Please move over and let the faster traffic pass you Red: Stop – Come to a complete stop and wait for further instructions Black: You have been disqualified from the race and must return to the pit lane immediately. If you get black flagged you will not receive refund of your race fee. At Apex Kart we are also equipped with F1 style electronic flag system. Those flags have the same meaning and are here to ensure extra safety around the track.

Drivers are in control of their own karts and will only go as fast or slow and they make them go.